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The Convenient Place for Course Packets
We offer a course packet service which allows you to design the perfect lecture and textbook supplement for your courses. You choose the content and the format and we will copy and assemble it at no cost to you or your department.

You may want your course packet to include:
• Class Notes
• Copies of Overhead Transparencies
• Practice Exams
• Problem Sets
• Answers
• Outlines
• Other Reading Materials

Our standard course packet cover may be used with a choice of many cardstock colors or you can provide your own full color cover design.

Course packets are copied and perfect, fastback or plastic coil bound to open flat for easier note-taking and highlighting, copied onto 3-hole paper to fit into existing binders, stapled, or left unbound.

We will also assist instructors in obtaining any required copyright permissions.

Once your course packet has been assembled, we will make it available for your students to purchase at our convenient Dean Keeton and Guadalupe Street location.

You can submit your materials electronically, call for pick-up, or drop off your books and originals.

Find out copyright fees before you bring in your materials
Sometimes copyright fees become too expensive and cause undue complications when you are suddenly faced with deciding whether you need to cut out a reading. Just email us your reading list with the pages indicated before you put your syllabus together and we will advise you of the copyright fees.

Deadlines met ... guaranteed!!

We have been making course packets since 1982! You can trust Jenn and Dobbins to support you in your course packet needs and deadline requirements.

Master creation • Original Cleanup
Save time in your course preparation and allow Jenn’s to create your course packet master directly from your books and journals. Originals have black edges? Jenn’s will digitally create a clean master.

Copyright clearance

Jenn’s is sub-lisenced under UT Austin's Academic Copyright Clearance License and works in coordination with the Copyright Clearance Center to insure that intellectual property royalties are honored.

High-quality digital copies • Color copies

We only use high quality digital copiers with high-resolution. We also print from file - all you have to do is provide us with a disk or even easier - send an email. Just indicate the print order and your job is done!

Page numbering • Table of contents • Colored Dividers • Tabs • Pre-perfed paper

Give your students the added convenience of a page-numbered course packet.
We can help make your packet easy to navigate - we can create a table of contents for you, or even easier -- email us your syllabus and we will add the page-numbers to the reading list. We have all sorts of options for your course packet including color dividers or tabs between sections and preperfed paper for pages that need to be turned in.

Shrink wrap • 3-hole-punch (w/ring binder) • Stapled • Spiral (comb) • Perfect • Coil • FastBack (Tape)
Velo binding
There are so many binding options - which do you choose? Need a recommendation? Just ask Jenn’s - we will find the best option that will suit your course’s needs.


Course Packets

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